I don’t know how many times I’ll have to apologize for taking off and going MIA but trust me there has been a lot happening. I don’t know where to start from, I can only promise that this is the beginning of our forever journey, for better for worse because I have realized how much I love to be here having missed being here.

So much to talk about, from my ten days turn 37 days trip to the U.S  touring about seven of the fifty United States in America  to my poor judgment in taking up a talent who wasn’t at peace with who she really is; having a misadventure at management 11years after starting this journey, and finally to the good tidings;, how I was guest speaker at the TNC Global Summit and realized that my face was on a billboard somewhere in Time square Newyork.  Brethrens and sistrens a whole lot has happened, I have even fallen in and out of love with myself, my man and my career within the last three months but I am back in love with all three again and that is why I am here.

I am currently co-authoring a book alongside 24 other women around the world and I felt I should announce this development to you my darlings before anyone else finds out that I have delved into writing as well, and I am going to tell you how I became an author.

I was fast asleep on my airbnb bed in Los Angeles dreaming that I had boarded KLM and was headed back to my sweet Lagos when my alarm rudely woke me up and reminded me that I was still far away in another man’s land where I was nothing but another black woman, I checked the time and I saw that there was a reminder on my calendar: It was day 6 of the TNC summit, I was supposed to be guest speaker and oh, I hadn’t prepared anything, I panicked…I hadn’t even taken a bath as it was 7am in LA. I quickly picked my jotter and started trying to put notes together and two minutes later it was 8:30am…I had to go on air soon.

I quickly combed my hair, applied lipstick and wore a top to cover my pyjamas and went online. I had to put in an extra effort to ensure that my lack of preparedness wasn’t obvious and my co-speaker Frankie Picasso didn’t help matters much because she was obviously over prepared.

Days later I got a mail from the host, Alex okoroji congratulating me for a brilliant session, explaining how great I had done as a guest and how inspired everyone was, she ended the mail by inviting me to co-author a book.

This Alex girl likes to try herself and she will put me in trouble some day (I thought in anger). Of course I accepted the invitation and I eventually submitted my chapter yesterday even though the deadline for submission was almost two weeks ago. I will share an excerpt of my chapter on “I BARED MY CHEST” with you some other time but for now enjoy these pictures from my “World Photography Day Shoot” with Philip Trimnell.  And by the way, I have now added “author” to my titles!!!!!!

Remember to make that extra effort to stand out in everything you do as this maybe your ultimate elevator to your next big involvement…I love you for reading.


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