Pictures from Former BBA Hotshot House Samantha Jansen trip to Nigeria

South African Samantha Jansen of Big Brother Hotshots who has penetrated the industry as an actress, a host and a media/tourism influencer since she left the BBA house recently signed a management deal with Qtaby Events and visited Nigeria. She teamed up with ace fashion designer, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and fashion photographer Kola Oshalusi to create memories of her stay in Nigeria in images through this African themed photo shoot with moments from the streets of Lagos.

See the Photos

Samantha-X-Ejiro-Amis-Tafiri-X-Kola-Oshalusi Samantha-X-Ejiro-Amis-Tafiri-X-Kola-Oshalusi 8 Samantha-X-Ejiro-Amis-Tafiri-X-Kola-Oshalusi 7 Samantha-X-Ejiro-Amis-Tafiri-X-Kola-Oshalusi 6 Samantha-X-Ejiro-Amis-Tafiri-X-Kola-Oshalusi 5_ Samantha-X-Ejiro-Amis-Tafiri-X-Kola-Oshalusi 4 Samantha-X-Ejiro-Amis-Tafiri-X-Kola-Oshalusi 3 Samantha-X-Ejiro-Amis-Tafiri-X-Kola-Oshalusi 2

Photography: Kola Oshalusi
Styled by: Ejiro Amos Tafiri

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