Victoria Nkong speaks on Hush Puppi arrest and its negative impact

Talent Manager, Victoria Nkong speaks on the recent arrest of Hush Puppi and how the arrest is impacting on the image of honest Nigerians both within and outside Nigeria. While speaking on the topic, she urges the youth to be contented with their honest source of income and not get carried away with the Instagram lifestyle especially when the source of the wealth is unknown. She also went further to tasks celebrities to be the perfect examples for the youths as whatever they do influence the decisions of the youth and if they don’t associate with fraudsters, the public will also desist from associating with and singing the praises of these fraudsters who call themselves Instagram celebrities/influencers.

Please ensure you share this video lets change the narrative together. The image you want to be perceived begins with how you carry yourselves and those around you.

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